I’m not a ninja or a magician. I’m definitely not a guru and don’t get me started on that "influencers" crap. I won't even call myself an entrepreneur, even though I've started a handful of businesses. There's something about labels that I find stifling. In a nutshell: I'm a dreamer and I'm a doer and I love a good story. This has found expression in many ways in my life.

Most notably I ran independent record label, Lujo Records, for 10 years. Executive producing on over 90 albums taught me so much about people, about dedication, about hard work, about how far the simple love of something can take you. That is, until everyone decided to download music off the internet for free. But that's a story for another day. 

In 2012, I casually decided to do some freelance consulting in the Silicon Valley (where I grew up) in Digital Marketing, Community and Content. I worked with small and large startups and even some global companies. Mostly, I helped people find new, meaningful and moreover--fun--ways to connect with customers, candidates and employees.

My true love? Writing. I strongly believe in the power of words to heal, to inspire, to shed light and to make the old new again. I also love making art. Recently, I've been having fun making comics and finding new ways to tell stories with words and pictures. I created a minicomic series called Multitudes and the first issue came out in July of this year. I hope you'll check it out! 

Mary Oliver said "What will you do with your one precious, wild life?" I'm constantly asking myself this! I want to marry my skills with the needs of the world. I want to better myself so I can better meet those needs. I want to pay attention, live with intention, create, have adventures, and bring big ideas to life! And I want to meet new people along the way. That means you! I hope you'll say hello.

And of course, if you'd like to work with me, let's get started, okay?

Thanks for stopping by!