I owe My career to Carson Daly.

Do you even know who that is? 

He was a MTV VJ. Maybe the first one. And growing up, MTV was my obsession. We didn't have YouTube back then. MTV played music videos. I was fascinated. Fascinated!

I remember watching Carson one day and thinking, I want to be him. For some strange reason, I never doubted that this wouldn't happen. 

It didn't happen, but I went on to do a lot in music.

I interned at the local radio station, managed bands, made merch for bands.

Then I started boutique music promotional company, Tricycle PR, in 2000. I took a day job in music distribution in 2003. In 2004, I sold Tricycle PR to my then favorite record label, Lujo Records. I went on to co-run the label and together with my partner, we released close to 100 albums over the following 10 years.

And then streaming happened. 

Streaming changed the game. But it didn't change my love for creating and supporting people who create. In fact, this has become my life's work. And not just in music.

I've worked in the Silicon Valley with startups and solopreneurs. I've worked with HR and Marketing. I've worked in nonprofit and technology. I'm a writer so I help with everything from social media content to blog posts to ebooks to print collateral.

And I like to strategize on this stuff, too.

I also have quite a bit of experience with art direction, branding and web design. These are things I have less experience in, but love. And I'm going to night school for Graphic Design.

And if you really must know, I also make comics, hand paint signs and create art installations but I realize that's a lot to take in. And honestly, that's more than enough about me.

Let's hear about you