I owe My career to Carson Daly.

True story.

People born in the 90s might not understand this, but when I was in junior high, my parents finally got cable. MTV became my obsession. I remember watching then VJ, Carson Daly, one day and thinking, wow I could have a career in the Music Industry like that guy. I never doubted that this wouldn't happen. 

I went on to intern at the local radio station, manage bands, make merch for bands. I started boutique music promotional company, Tricycle PR, in 2000. I made a pitstop marketing in music distribution in 2003. In 2004, I sold Tricycle PR to my then favorite record label, Lujo Records. I went on to co-run the label and release close to 100 albums over the following 10 years.

And then streaming happened. 

Still, my love for creating and supporting the artistic process has never changed. 

In fact, it's stronger than ever.

As a creator, I write and design. Last year, I self-published Multitudes, the first in a series of minicomics I plan to release regularly. I've found that personal work and projects are essential to nurturing my creative wellspring and help keep me motivated and moving forward. 

My life as a creator, coupled with my experience running Lujo, has uniquely positioned me to help others bring their juicy, creative impulses and ideas to life! I have empathy for this process because it is hard and I love to be a part of it because it is insanely rewarding. 

Want to work together? I can't wait to hear from you.