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About Me

I remember the day I realized that I could help artists. Not realizing yet that I was one myself, I came alive. I could help people bring their music into the world? I could be a part of that? Huge.

When the time came, I went for it. I bought into indie record label, Lujo Records, and for the next 10 years, I got to know and work with wildly talented artists. People making their visions reality. I learned so much from them.

I took what I learned to the Silicon Valley where I worked with early to mid-stage startups and organizations, as well as solo entrepreneurs. I designed experiences, content, websites. My goal? To engage people in new and meaningful ways, across mediums. To bring ideas to life. 

At some point I realized it was my turn. That I not only wanted to help others make their visions reality, but I wanted to make mine reality, too. I had long dreamed of making a book, so I took my love of writing and art to the drawing board and began to create poetry comics. I released my first minicomic in August of this year, with more coming soon.

A lot of people are afraid of the unknown. This is where I thrive. I will always push the limits of what I know and look for new ways to actualize my own gifts and the gifts of others. With my newest venture, kp&jo, we're trying to do just. Helping to make cool shit even cooler. Work with us. Thank you! 



Co-founder & Creative Director

Creative Consultant, Content & Writing

Co-owner & Executive Producer


Current Projects

Multitudes Issue #1 now available for purchase in the store! 

Multitudes Issue #1 now available for purchase in the store!