Inspire yourself


A long time ago, a very wise woman said "Be your own Beyonce." Okay. That woman was me. I like to quote myself. Not really.

But it's true. There is literally no one on the planet better positioned to bring out the best in you than--you. How do I know? 

I've started 300 blogs. 

Okay maybe not 300, but a lot. When I'm having a life crises, which can occur anywhere from 3 times a year to every 3 years, I put up a new blog. I "revamp" and "relaunch" my website. I used to announce it and make a deal over it, but it's so common place now it would be like announcing I was brushing my teeth. 

What does this have to do with anything? 

I'm launching a new blog today. 

I've also said for a long time that spaces inspire, that things should be an experience. Some of us need a change of scenery more than others. *Points to self* And maybe it's not the best "branding" move, but here's what I say: do what you have to do to keep the juices flowing. If you need a new space to create, create that. I literally know of nothing more sane. Wipe that slate clean, kid. This is me giving you permission if you need it.

And that brings me back to what I began this post saying. Beyonce. Look, she's impressive, but her life has literally nothing to do with mine. I could flip my hair around like she does but it would mean nothing. Cause a girl like me, well, I have a short hair for starters. And also I'm kinda shy. I don't get off on parading around in front of people. 

But I do get off on blogging, as the case may be. And today, before I revamped this site, I revisited my OG (original gangster) blog from eight years back which I will certainly not link to here. It's embarrassing. But it's also inspiring. Why? Because it motivated me to learn to code. Because what I was writing about back then was brave, it mattered to me, and it still matters to me! It's me reading me and I find myself thinking, "Hey! I like that girl!"

And, honestly, I don't have that thought enough. 

See, Seth Godin can inspire me. Lynda Barry, Anne Lamott--don't get me started on those two. Even total hacks can inspire me at times. But the inspiration I need, the stuff that really matters, is the stuff that comes from me. It's when I remember who I am and create from that place for no one else and for no other reason than this: it brings me joy. 

And guys, our joy is so important.

If you're a creator like me and you don't yet have an archive of work, start now. Take notes, journal, blog. Do this because you need inspiration and you are the best person to inspire you. Make things, write things, set them aside. Look at them a year from now, two years from now and feel all the feels. 

Do this for me? Please? 

Now go be great!