Every Job Has Boring In It

It's 11:52 and I've already cried today. Which is dumb. Because I had a brilliant chat this morning with a woman I really admire, someone who has built a creative business from the ground up, who was generous enough to take time for me. 

Her name is Sophie. And after thanking her, she ended our conversation with, "Well, yeah. I think especially women need to be helping women." 

Can I get an AMEN??

After talking to her I had something I lovingly refer to as a "brain buzz". This happens for me when someone taps into my creative core, and my brain starts whirling. Sometimes it's more of a sensation, other times I can actually feel it. Like my brain is about to burst.

It was a rush. 

But the rush wore off and I crashed. And I cried. I was actually blow drying my hair in the bathroom mirror when it happened. So I got to see my face distort into cry face right before my eyes. Which, let's be honest, no one needs to see. I was like, stop that Joce, stop that! 

And so I listened to Let Me Go by Hailee and Alesso about 20 times and I danced around my office and posted some ridiculous stories on IG and remembered something I heard recently: every job has boring in it. 

Oh jeez, I hate that this is true, but it's true. Building things takes time and building any kind of business usually includes at least 90% of work that you don't enjoy (I may or may not be exaggerating.) For me the dreaded work is planning. Ideation and implementation are easy. Planning how to get there is my own personal hell.

Which is why I wanted to talk to Sophie. She's been in business for over 20 years. Girl knows how to get from point A to point B, to do the things I find hard to do. And I have lessons to learn in what it takes to stay focused over the long run, how to iterate and reiterate and not lose the magic, and how to make plans. Actionable, doable, inspiring (?) plans. 

 Every job has boring in it. Even the most unboring jobs. And the boring stuff gets you places.