Choose To Matter

I want my work to matter.

And I'm not talking about a paycheck. I'm talking about what I make, who I am, who I want to become and how I manifest that. 

And I want to do good work. Work that is meaningful. Work that changes people. Or changes the way people see things. Or changes the way people go about the world. Brave work. Fucking fearless work. Work that has guts and soul and heart. 

And I want to do this work with good people. People who do work that matters. People who are out there, making shit, sharing their voice, bringing about the world they wish to see, being generous, being brave, living undivided.

And I want more people to want this.

I want this to be the majority position. That we wouldn't settle for the things the world tells us will make us happy but that we would define our happiness for ourselves. Go inside. Get real with ourselves, real about what makes us come alive, real about pursuing that aliveness. Real about what we want. Real about the responsibility we have to actualize our gifts and talents. To make good on those, not just for ourselves but for the people around us who need us. Need our gifts. 

I need you.

Don't hold out on me.

Don't hold out on you.

Choose to matter.