Nothing Good Gets Done Without Heart

Why do I do what I do? Sometimes I want a more logical explanation for the fact that I want to write and create and build a business. Or two. But the only conclusion I can ever come to is: 

These are things that keep me alive. 

And I really want to stay alive, so I do them.

I believe the things that are in us are there on purpose. Not all of it, of course, because these days there are so many voices vying for our attention, parading around our brains as if they are us. And, holy crap, no one needs a masquerade ball up in there! 

Getting clear on what's in our heart is hard.

But only because it takes time. And discipline. And faith.

It's not hard because it's hard to distinguish our own voice. We know our voice when we hear it. We feel it. It vibrates with our whole being. It's the one that gently prods. It's not pushing, angry, or overbearing. It's like that neighbor that sometimes leaves a bag of lemons from their tree on your doorstep. They do it because they know you like lemons. They don't want anything from you. They just want to give you something you love.

That voice inside your head is this. It is love. And it is trying to help you create and move toward loving things in your life. It is only trying to give you what you love. Everything that is not love is bullshit and deserves none of your attention. It might even need a reprimanding. Like, "yo Bullshit, stop your bullshit." Something like that. You can improvise.

Remember: fear is truly an illusion. It's a fake thing trying to keep you from a very real thing. 

Your heart. 

And nothing good gets done without a shit ton of heart. 


*inspired by do it because your soul demands it