Start Now

Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time.
— Thomas Merton

Yesterday I read an article about a popular graphic artist in which the artist stated more or less that her art began to take real shape once she knew who she was. 

Art, like life, is about discovery, no? It's a journey, an exploration. Our art, our work, is an expression of our journey. It doesn't provide many answers. Instead, if we're paying attention, there are questions. Questions about people, about heaven and earth, about who we are. So many questions.

To hear an accomplished artist say she knows who she is, is discouraging. And, actually, I don't believe her. Maybe she was trying to make this all sound black and white, or pretty. But life is lived in the gray. It's in the gray where real beauty exists, the kind that both breaks and restores you. 

We've all been given a unique perspective through which our lives, our work, flow. We don't have to know who we are to begin. Who we are is there already. We can begin now without having any answers at all. Because, actually, that's the whole point.