Get to Know Your Magic

"What are you doing that people believe only you can do?" I love this question from Seth Godin. Provocative, yeah? I've been wondering about how it relates to self-awareness, other-awareness, and our -gulp- purpose. 

We like to talk about purpose. We can thank Rick Warren for that. His book "The Purpose Driven Life" clearly touched upon a collective nerve. We ask: What's the purpose of life? Why am I here? What's it all about? What can I do that only I can do? What's my magic?

Did you know Warren's books begins with "It's not about you"?

Wait. I thought it was about me -- my purpose, my magic. Who is it about then? 

I've found trying to fit myself into the puzzle of life to be challenging. I think "what's my purpose?" and I get pretty much nowhere. I feel there are multitudes in me, that I could never boil myself down to one thing, pin point where I am on the map, have one purpose. 

Maybe I have purposes, plural. Or maybe it's what Rick said - that it's not about me at all. Maybe my magic is actually Magic, something we're all stewards of. Maybe our real purpose is to recognize and cultivate Magic in us and around us and to enjoy the living crap out of it. 

And being a magician? That's sounds like as good a purpose as any.