Celebrate the Small Stuff

They say "it's all about the little things". They're totally right. And because the little things are little, sometimes they require more deliberate attention to notice and celebrate.

Today I was having email issues. I had to get a new address hooked up to Mac Mail and there were problems. This is something I'm capable of handling but doesn't necessarily come easy to me. There was a lot of googling and sweating and trips to the fridge for just one more chocolate chip. Apart from the chocolate, we'll just call this little scenario my own personal hell. 

And yet right in the middle of it a voice popped up in my head. It was like, "when you figure this out, you're having a dance party." Yep. Those were its exact words.

First of all, can we just talk about how confident this little voice was? Holy crap, it had no doubts that I wouldn't figure it out. More of that, please wherever that came from!

Second--guess what? Yeah, you guessed it. I just figured the email thing out. It's all set up and humming and I am basically an IT genius. 

I guess you know what that means. Time to DANCE!