I love you Steven Pressfield

Ah, nothing like a good book to kick you in the pants. I swear books have been some of my best teachers. The Artist's Journey: The Wake of the Hero's Journey and the Lifelong Pursuit of Meaning by Steven Pressfield is no exception. 

If you've read Pressfield, you know how adept he is at packing a punch. 

And, well, in this book he calls out all enemies on the artist's journey as mental and self-generated. Ugh. This was not the news I was hoping to read.



I've struggled with them all.

And yet, maybe the worst of all isn't listed here: my failure to own my enemies. I'd rather externalize them. Then I don't have to do deal with them. 

But not dealing with them is precisely what holds me back or gets me stuck. 

I hate you, Steven Pressfield.