Creating Community as a Freelance/Remote Worker

I've been thinking a lot about freelance/remote work lately. And I mean both freelance and remote. Some folks are just freelance, going into companies on contract. Some folks are just remote, working full-time gigs with companies only from a remote capacity. 

I'm talking about being both freelance and remote. 

It's kind of a big deal. Like, a hard, big deal.

I've been thinking about it because last week I was approached by a CEO of a startup whose app had just launched who needed an app tutorial by Monday. It was Friday when I found this out. I don't work weekends so sadly I couldn't help the guy. 

And the other bummer: I didn't have anyone to pass the project along to. I don't know a lot of folks who do what I do. 

This got my wheels spinning. How can I create a community I can not only refer projects to, but one I can call upon when a project maybe isn't totally in my wheelhouse? One where I might be able to help someone else with a project that isn't totally in theirs?

Is there a freelance/remote workers tribe out there?  

Like any breathing human, I Googled it. And sure enough I found some folks who are working towards these ends, to create community in the freelance world. To create opportunity, partnerships. And I'll likely delve into those groups soon. 

And I'm also very interested in making this a more personal experience. So I'm going to be thinking about that, trying some things out, and reporting back. In the meanwhile, if you have ideas, holler.