A wise woman once said, "Nothing gets done without passion and heart and being willing to kick some major ass." Okay, that was me. But it's true. Whether you're getting a brand off the ground, brainstorming a new project, or need a fresh set of eyes/ears--I want to help you unearth some major ass kicking. I will do it with integrity, generosity and enthusiasm. (But probably not without swearing, sorry.) My only rule? Have fun. Because if we're not having fun, we're not going to kick ass.

Ready to work together? Read on.



Need a bio? A blog? A brand voice? The words we use matter. They can be bland and lifeless or they can inspire action and make us feel things! 

I've been writing and editing for over 15 years. I want to help you develop language around your ideas and projects and breathe new life into existing projects.

There's never an excuse for boring writing, right? 


Need a website? Graphics? Brand guide? Ideas are a dime a dozen. Where you take them--that's another thing.

I provided creative direction for my record label for 10 years, overseeing artwork and branding and helping artists create provocative promotional tools. 

I want to help you imagine and create across all mediums: digital, social media, web, mobile, print. 


Need a partner? A second set of eyes? A sounding board? Could you solve a problem if only you had another brain attacking it with you?

After running a business for 10 years and working with dozens of artists, I know that sometimes the thing we need most is support, be it strategic, creative, or emotional.

I want to help you get out of your own way and get to the next level.