Hello! I'm Joce. writer And designer living In Ojai, Ca. 


  • Just moved to Ojai, CA. It is amazing here, come visit! I've only been here two months and already have had 6 visitors. Will keep this count going.

  • Recovering from my first broken bone. I opened the dishwasher in my new place and the whole ding dong door fell on my foot. Now I get to wear this fun boot. Consequently, I'm:

  • Dreaming of getting back to yoga and running and

  • Getting a new dishwasher

  • Took on a new writing client this week and still have room for one or two more so if you're in need of that kind of work, let me know

  • Studying Graphic Design at Santa Barbara City College. It's so much fun to be a student again! 

  • Designing a new Lujo Records website. Lujo is an indie record label my partner and I own. We haven't put out records in years and have only had a store up recently, but a new site is coming. Stay tuned! 


This page was updated September 4, 2018.