This was me on Halloween. I decided not to dress up this year.

This was me on Halloween. I decided not to dress up this year.


HI, I'm Joce AUCOIN. writer, ARTIST & Content Marketing Consultant living In beautiful Ojai, California. 

 Right now I’m:

  • Petting all the dogs. (I’m actually always doing this.)

  • Getting used to life in a small town where the guy you meet at your next door neighbor’s birthday party is the same guy that works at the print shop down the street. I moved here from the Bay Area where that never happened. Not once.

  • Nursing a broken toe. I’m a terrible patient. But working on a very mean limp. Just wish it was because my pockets were full of cash and diamonds, ya know? Maybe next time?

  • Reading. A lot. My stack includes The Artist’s Journey by Steven Pressfield (going through it for the second time), The Soul’s Code by James Hillman, and a Charles Bukowski biography.

  • Doing some content stuff for Close Mondays and a few other clients. Writing, day dreaming, talking to new friends about dreams. Thankful I have people in my corner to dream with.

  • Submitted a poster idea for Ojai Day. Didn’t win. Proud of what I did and, mostly, for putting myself out there because that is some scary sh*t.

  • Getting excited for cooler weather even though I am totally cold blooded and cannot handle any temperature below 65. #californiagirl


This page was updated November 1, 2018.