HI, I'm Joce AUCOIN. writer, ARTIST & Content Marketing Consultant living In beautiful Ojai, California. 

 Right now I’m:

  • Petting all the dogs. I met one today. A French Bulldog named Vinnie. When I bent down to pet him and say hello, he put both paws on my knee, hoisting himself up to lick my face. Day made, goodnight.

  • Getting used to life in a small town where your daughter goes to school with a kid who’s parent’s own one of the best restaurants in town. A restaurant that makes ceviche bloody mary’s. What? Yes. If you’re ever in Ventura…

  • Reading. Always. My stack includes The Soul’s Code by James Hillman and The Seasons of the Soul by Hermann Hesse, and Chicken Soup for the Soul. Just kidding on that last one. Felt like I needed to add a third “soul” book to my list.


This page was updated December 1, 2018.